Safelink Internet was started in 1997 by an Idaho potato farmer who was looking for better internet. Since then, Safelink has become the premier provider of high-speed internet solutions for rural and under served communities and still drives the internet frontier in helping to build smart farms.

Why people choose Safelink Internet:

Unlimited Data

No, really. Every package includes unlimited data and no throttling.

Price Lock

No price hikes or changes for the life of your plan.

Guardian Included

Content and device management built in, so it's easy to monitor usage and keep kids safe online.

Network Management

You should get the speeds you pay for. That's why we don't oversaturate out network like the other guys do.

Wi-Fi Built In

Every router has Wi-Fi built in so your entire house is connected.

24 / 7 Local Support

No foreign support techs that don't understand the issue. Just local people trained on our network so there is real help when you need it.



It all starts at home. Get fast, reliable home internet service with unlimited data, price lock for life, and free guardian content filtering included. Supported by our 24/7 customer support.  


We offer affordable in-house design and installation of primary and secondary power solutions via solar power in remote areas.


From company communications to finance, sales and marketing, farming is becoming just as much an online as offline business and it’s more important than ever to stay connected.  


Add on small, affordable data transfer plans for low use areas where all you need is a basic connection. Perfect for networking: time clocks, scales, security and video systems, crop storage sensors, and energy consumption monitoring.


Connect and monitor pumps, pivots, head gates, crops and soil sensors for live feedback. Don’t wait until the next time you drive into the field to find the water wasn’t on or a

pipe has burst.


Monitor feed, livestock, security and more with a dedicated Wi-Fi network. Professionally designed, installed, and maintained.

What people are saying about Safelink Internet

"Great customer service! I was even able to get internet installed the day after I called for an appointment. The installation guy called 45 min ahead of time and showed up within the correct window of time! We just had a new home built & he went above and beyond to ensure the wires were not visible! He also placed the dish on our roof top in the best place possible! Everything is hidden & I could not be more pleased. Internet connection is already 10x better than our previous provider! I’d highly recommend."

Amanda K.

"Your Company took the time to provide us internet service when nobody else could. We highly recommend this company."

Beverly P.

It has only been two days, but everything has been perfect so far. I called for an install and they were out the very next day! Install was easy, service is great, called tech already on a password problem and got through in less than two minutes and got an answer right away.

Heather B.

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