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Filer, Idaho

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It seems like every time we want something, we have to drive into Twin. Want to go on a date? Twin it is. Want to rent a movie? The Smith’s on Addison is our closest Redbox. What if we just wanted a quiet night at home, eating spaghetti, and watching episodes of Once Upon a Time on Hulu? At Safelink, we fight for your right to stay in. You live in Filer because it is a small community. Filer is laid back, easy going, and stress free. Your Internet should be the same. Get with us. We understand you and can meet your needs.

What Makes Us Different?

Unlimited Data

No, really. Every package includes unlimited data and no throttling.

Guardian Included

Content and device management built in, so it’s easy to monitor usage and keep kids safe online.

24/7, Local Technical Support

No foreign accents, just local specialists available to help whenever you need.

Network Management

You should get the speed you pay for and not slow down because your neighbor starts streaming. That's why we don't oversature our network like the other guys do.

Price Lock

No price hikes or changes for the life of your plan.

Residential Plans

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Not sure what all that Mbps stuff is all about? That’s okay. Not sure what you really need and want to know how to get the right speeds without overpaying? Our experts can help.

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Every account requires
  • New Account Configuration and Setup: $10.00 - Each account is set up with advanced performance monitoring to verify your radio's signal and performance.
  • Installation: $90 - You can receive a $65 discount for 1-year contract and $25 discount for auto-pay, making the install free.
  • Equipment Rental: $9.95/mo, includes router - Equipment is guaranteed for life and includes free upgrades to the latest and most advance equipment, software, and firmware to ensure you always have the best Internet connection.