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The internet gives you access to an amazing amount of information. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of stuff out there that you don’t want to access, as well as times of the day or night when you need to limit access. That’s where Safelink’s Guardian content filtering comes in.

With Safelink’s Guardian service, you can keep your kids and employees from viewing inappropriate websites. You can keep your children safe from potential predators and protect your systems from viruses and other malware.

Take Control of Your Internet


The scheduling feature allows you to block internet access at certain times, such as dinner time or bedtime. Whether for family time or work productivity, use scheduling to make sure you can focus on the right things at the right times without the distraction of the world wide web. 


Protect children from mature content, deter employees from distracting social media sites and avoid viruses and malware by filtering blocking certain websites and content. You can customize filtering by device and groups of devices. 


Get full visibility into your family or employees' internet usage. Guardian allows you to find out what each user has been viewing, even if they delete browsing history or use incognito mode. 

Guardian Content Filtering

Benefits of Guardian Content Filtering

Great Flexibility

You’ll have control over your which websites get accessed on your PCs, tablets and smartphones, as well as the time you allow your family (or yourself!) to access the web. You can tweak our solution to fit your specific needs.

Powerful Protection

When you want to block a website, it stays blocked. You can trust that anyone who uses your devices won’t download inappropriate content or harmful programs.

Real-Time Alerts

Whenever your son/daughter/employee looks at something online that they shouldn’t, you’ll get a message on your phone telling you instantly.

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