Residential Wireless

Residential Wireless Internet Service

With more than 225 wireless internet towers in the state of Idaho and more than 11,500 subscribers across the three states, Safelink Internet Services is the 5th largest wireless internet service provider in the nation! 

Safelink is proud to provide affordable residential internet service options for some of the most rural communities in southern Idaho, eastern Oregon and western Montana. Our residential wireless internet service allows your family to do all the things they need to do online, from paying bills to completing school assignments, to enjoying a movie together on Netflix.

5 Mbps | 1 Mbps
1 HD
video at a time
10 Mbps | 2 Mbps
2 HD
videos at a time
15 Mbps | 3 Mbps
3 HD
videos at a time
20 Mbps | 4 Mbps
4 HD
videos at a time

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Not sure what all that Mbps stuff is all about? That’s okay. Not sure what you really need and want to know how to get the right speeds without overpaying? Our experts can help. 

Every account requires

  • New Account Configuration and Setup: $10.00

Each account is set up with advanced performance monitoring to verify your radio's signal and performance.

  • Installation: $90

You can receive a $65 discount for 1-year contract and $25 discount for auto-pay, making the install free.

  • Equipment Rental: $9.95/mo for the radio antenna and high-speed managed WiFi router.

Our equipment is guaranteed for life and includes free upgrades to the latest and most advance equipment, software, and firmware to ensure you always have the best possible Internet connection.