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Creating a Gated Community for Your Home’s Internet

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We Protect Your Family From Internet Intruders

You don’t leave your doors unlocked at home, especially now that you have children. You also shouldn’t leave the front door to your Internet open for the very same reason. Predators, bullies, and strangers with candy await your children when you leave your Internet unguarded.

Safelink’s Guardian Content Filtering service serves as palace guard protecting your children from sites and individuals who would do them harm. Your Internet should be as secure as your home. Guardian makes that happen.

Surf Safe with Guardian!

You wouldn’t think of letting your children go to the movie theater without first making sure the content of the movie is safe for your children’s viewing, right? Now with Guardian from Safelink you can have “G” rated Internet for your home or office!

For just $9.95 per month your Internet is filtered clean from pornography and vulgar or dangerous content before it ever reaches your home or business.

GUARDIAN content filtering is the latest state-of-the-art filtering system on the market. And it’s ONLY available from Safelink. What makes it different than other content filtering systems? For starters, GUARDIAN by Safelink is NOT software installed on your computer that only protects the device it is installed on or can be easily bypassed. GUARDIAN by Safelink DOES filter the internet content for your entire home, thereby providing protection that cannot be tampered with and provides content filtering for ALL connected devices in the home such as multiple computers, gaming systems, iPods, etc…..

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