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VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol for All

Remember when calling your grandmother in Myrtle Beach cost you 50¢ a minute? “Hi Grandma. How are you? I’m OK. Love you. Good-bye.” Those days are gone, even for your “land line” phone thanks to VoIP. Now your long distance calls can happen digitally.

Safelink has several options where your analog voice is converted to a crystal clear digital signal and sent over the Internet to whomever you may be calling. Call Safelink and we can show you our many VoIP options.*

Useful for:

  • Calling your Grandma
  • Making Appointments
  • Ordering Pizza
  • Calling your Neighbor


* With our VoIP you will also need to either purchase an ATA for $65 or rent one for $5.00 / month.

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